Breathing new life into an old tradition.

Vettä Nordic Spa

The Challenge

A brand new, unnamed spa was entering into a very saturated, competitive market in an area that already had a successful Nordic spa. They needed to differentiate themselves enough to not directly compete with their competition, by offering a different experience. They also needed to create general awareness about what a Nordic spa is, since many don’t know what makes it special.

Our Work

The Solution

Naming and positioning Vettä as a Finnish spa was what really helped them stand out from the competition. Pinpointing this early on contributed to the name, visual identity, architecural design, landscape design, interior design, and more. We were able to develop a brand experience unlike any other being offered. The connection to the Finnish social spa culture is the reason why Vettä became such a seamless build and hit the market with a strong brand identity.

vetta social media enticity rebrand
vetta new brand logo design bath robe design